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Hi, My name is Vikki Gauci and welcome to Shikobee Cattery

Shikobee is my registered Breeder prefix with NSW CFA

I love the British Shorthair for its relaxed and debonair nature.

My biggest priority with my cats is their health & well being.

They are our pets first, show and breeders second.

About Us



All my kittens are raised in our home around myself, and my children from day one of their lives. 

They are used to strange noise , lots of love and handling.

They are ready for what ever life can throw at them being with my kids for 10 weeks.

Kittens are vaccinated, micro chipped & wormed, all kittens are guaranteed

to be in good health and vet checked with no expense spared with their diets.


British are very friendly and affectionate cats that appreciate attention without becoming a nuisance.

They crave and enjoy attention, but do this in an undemanding way, which people learn to appreciate a great deal. These cats make wonderful pets for apartments or houses as they are not destructive whatsoever.

Known for its “Cheshire Cat smile” The British Shorthair has a short plush coat with a luxurious feel, making it very easy to groom. This together with their wonderful disposition towards children and easy going nature towards all members of the family makes them the best pets you could ever hope for.

About the British Shorthair

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